About us


Offshore Company Services are the leading providers of tailor made offshore arrangements, helping today’s astute entrepreneurs minimise their personal or business tax liabilities.

Many individuals are under the impression that offshore arrangements are complicated to set up and manage. This is simply not the case when left to an experienced agent who can arrange, manage and liaise on your behalf. Legitimate offshore arrangements are commonplace for the astute business or company that wish to enjoy low or even zero rates of tax that the world’s offshore centres offer.

Offshore Company Services can recommend the appropriate format for your situation, establish whatever structure is required and make any necessary introductions that will enable you to enjoy legitimate offshore benefits.

With our years of experience and working knowledge of the worlds offshore centres, Offshore Company Services has structured this guide in order to allow you to easily identify the advantages and disadvantages of each location and where is best for asset holding as opposed to trading and vice versa. Most importantly and often overlooked at the outset is the ongoing fees that are necessary to maintain the company in its chosen location. Our guide enables you to quickly and easily identify the best centre for your specific needs.