“Every tax ought to be levied at the time - or in the manner - in which
it is most likely to be convenient for the contributor to pay it."
Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776

OFFSHORE COMPANY SERVICES provides a convenient and efficient service helping today's astute entrepreneurs minimise their personal or business tax liabilities. We establish and maintain tailor-made offshore arrangements with structures suitable for all joint venture and international trading situations.

We provide a professional, speedy and high quality service - and the prestige and discretion of an offshore company, read more...

Running a business can be expensive, with high rates of tax and restrictions in UK making it sometimes a frustrating and costly process. But more and more companies are exploring the option of running as an offshore company and enjoying many benefits such as asset protection, disposal, investment and privacy as well as low or zero rates of tax.

It is clear to see why this is becoming such an appealing option and anyone or any company can take advantage of these legitimate offshore benefits as long as they get the right advice before they commence operations.

When corporations have their management and control primarily based outside of UK shores, they are able to enjoy benefits such as worldwide trading, agency agreements, investment, asset holding and privacy.

With our expert knowledge and experience in this field, Offshore Company Services can keep your company live on the register, as well as helping you set up bank accounts and credit cards.

Register Offshore Company

If you decided to register as an offshore company, you'll face no restrictions on nationality, ownership of shares mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures as well as no requirements to disclose ownership, file annual financial statements or hold annual general meetings of shareholders or directors.

You can choose from a number of jurisdictions that will meet your needs depending on what kind of company you operate. For example, we would recommend that trading companies would register as an offshore company in Gibraltar, Delaware in the USA or Dubai. Asset Holding companies would benefits from zero tax, efficiency and confidentiality in Belize, British Virgin Islands and Dubai.

You can be sure that our services will help give you the best advice every step of the way. With our experience, we have been able to select what we think are the best worldwide centres for a range of industries. We'll highlight the pros and cons of every area and give you advice on where will believe will be the most appropriate for your business.

Once the decision is made, the formation and set up of your office network will be simple, quick and efficient – all thanks to our professional staff.

Registering an Offshore Company

Following you registering an offshore company, your full company documents will be completed and delivered to you by courier. We'll also organise domiciliation facilities to ensure your tax advantages aren't lost. This will ensure that your company in incorporated in the right jurisdiction and has an overseas address. This will give your company a postal address, phone and fax lines which will be attended to and passed onto you to deal with. We have offices based in Belize, British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Dubai and Gibraltar to handle your affairs. But when registering an offshore company there is no requirement to visit the country in question or attend our offices. We can arrange everything for you over website and telephone.